A Rising Star Equestrian Center offers a full range of boarding services featuring routine and reliable maintenance of our facilities and enclosures.  Equine comfort and safety is our top priority. We are well equipped to deal with all inclement weather from heavy snow fall to drainage mitigation during the wet seasons. 

Option 1: Indoor Box Stalls - $605/month

Our 12'x12' indoor box stalls include morning, mid-day and evening feeding of hay, alfalfa and grain (Nutrena Triumph Senior, Nutrena Empower Balance ration balancer or steamed crimped oats), automatic waterer, daily cleaning with fresh shavings, locked tack room, direct access to indoor arena and warm wash rack and daily turnout (weather permitting, minimum of 3 hours outside in a turnout pen with hay and water). We will feed any additional grain or supplements you provide free of charge. 

Option 2: Private Runs - $350/month

Our 20'x40' private outdoor runs include morning and evening feeding of hay and alfalfa, automatic/heated waterer, individual shelter, built in drainage insuring optimum dryness, attached / locking semi-private tack room (shared with stall neighbor). Outdoor runs are self clean and are required to be mucked a minimum of 4 times a week. We will feed any additional grain or supplements you provide free of charge. 

Additional Pricing and Notifications

  • Full care, daily mucking of your outdoor stall for an additional $100/month
  • Senior or Ration Balancer grain $25/month
  • Run footing for $45/yard of material, we offer crusher fines, sand and squeegee (pea gravel/sand blend) to insure ease of cleaning and no excessive mud in wet weather. 
  • Vacation services - We are happy to clean your stall or blanket your horse while you are away for an additional charge. 
  • Horse Trailer Parking - $25 per month unless you board 2 or more horses, then it's free.