We feed Timothy mountain hay grown up in Walden, CO. We truck the hay down ourselves every year to insure we have a full year's worth of top quality hay. On an annual basis, the hay is submitted for nutritional analysis at Dairy One Lab in Ithaca New York. These results are always shared with our boarders so they can adjust their horses diets as needed. We offer 3 types of grain; Nutrena Triumph Senior feed, Nutrena Empower Ration Balancer and steamed crimped oats, additional grain and supplements can be provided by the horse owner and fed at no extra charge. 


Part of our commitment to maintaining a horses biologically appropriate care is recognizing each of their individual feeding needs. Just like people, horses are all different and a "one size fits all" feeding routine is not going to work for every horse. This is a big part of the reason we offer free choice hay here at ARS, our feed cart is always accessible to our boarders. We do not ration our hay to 2 flakes per feeding and we do not upcharge our clients whos horses may require more than 2 flakes of hay at feeding time to maintain a healthy weight.