We offer horseback riding lesson for all levels and disciplines of riding styles. We follow the CHA standards of riding instruction. We have multiple trainers available for lessons with a wide range of experience in all disciplines of riding whether it be western pleasure, dressage, English equitation, barrel racing or jumping and everything in between. 

  • Private lessons - $60/hour - Our private lessons are one hour long and are what we consider "full circle" horsemanship lessons where teach safety, handling, grooming, tacking as well as riding. Most private  lessons include at least 30-40 minutes of ride time with instruction. 
  • Semi-Private Lessons - $45 per person - a 90 min lesson that can be "shared" by 2 people. Grooming and tacking will be done together and the riding portion will be in 30 min "turns" with one on one instruction. Great for siblings or parents and kids that want to ride together. 
  • Lesson Package - $330 for 6 one hour private lessons scheduled at your convenience with one of our trainers. 
  • Jumping Lessons - $90/hour, includes use of a lessons horse but only up to 2' 6" jump. We will teach jumping lessons on your own horse above 2' 6" jumps for $60/hour.  
  • Group Lessons - $200/month for a 2 hour, once a week lesson on a set day and time. Group lessons are open to kids 8 years old and up. Each group can have up to 6 riders at a time. All lessons follow the same format of teaching safety, handling, grooming, tacking and riding. The group lessons will be broken out by riding level experience. lessons will be taught with the goal in mind being moving to next level. Advancement will be based on the students ability to master the following techniques at each level of riding. 
    • Beginners or Level 1 riders, will start by learning safety first. How to approach, halter and lead a horse, basic grooming, saddling and bridling, proper mounting and dismounting, basic riding position, control at the walk and trot, sitting trot or jog, intro to posting the trot and correct balance position while riding.
    • Intermediate or Level 2 riders will have mastered all of the skills of a beginner and start building on that skill set with improving their balance and positioning, learning correct diagonals in the trot, beginning the canter or lope, intro to western and English patterns, into to jumping position and pre-jumping exercises, and introduction to trail obstacles and conditions.
    • Advanced or Level 3 riders will learn leads at the canter or lope, more involved gait transitions, more complex rein, leg and seat aids, backing, improving the seat at the trot and canter, riding bareback, and more specialized skills directed toward Western, English and Trail riders. All riders not starting at a beginner level or not currently in private lessons who would like to transition to group lessons will need to either complete an evaluation ride or get permission from their lesson instructor. 



All riders under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to wear a helmet while riding, no exceptions. While we do have helmets available for use, all lesson students are strongly encouraged to purchase their own ASTM/SEI certified horse riding helmet. Bicycle helmets will not be an acceptable substitute. Helmets can be purchased locally at Murdoch's or Jax or online through Amazon.com, among other sites.